Welcome to CEO

Former Connecticut Legislative Commissions, African-American Affairs Commission, Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission and Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission were merged to create the newly enacted Commission on Equity and Opportunity (CEO). The Commission on Equity and Opportunity was created through  SSPA 16-3 with the mandate to focus its efforts on the quality of life for members of the African-American, Asian Pacific American and the Latino and Puerto Rican populations in the state of Connecticut.

The commission carries over some of the best components of its predecessors’ legislative mandates, which aimed at improving and promoting the economic development, education, health and political well-being of the populations that the commission is mandated to represent in the state of Connecticut. Through best practices models and partnerships with local, state and national organizations, the Commission on Equity and Opportunity uses a cross-cultural lens to inform public policy and involve traditionally underserved populations in the legislative process to unite minority communities in the policy arena.