African American Sub Commission

African American Sub commission focuses its efforts on issues affecting constituencies of underrepresented and underserved populations in the African American communities by improving and promoting the economic development, education, health and political well-being of these populations. Through best practices models and partnerships with local, state and national organizations, using a cross-cultural lens to inform public policy and involve traditionally underserved populations in the legislative process to unite minority communities in the policy arena. The sub commission must advise on policies affecting their constituencies.

2021 Young Civic Leaders Scholarship Awards

The African American Sub Commission is proud of its commitment to serving African Americans who reside in our state. In recognition of this community’s legacy of civic participation and in the interest of preserving this tradition among young people, the Sub Commission awarded 3 Young Civic Leaders Scholarship awards to African American students who have demonstrated a commitment to civic life via community engagement and service, and academic interest. The Sub Commission wishes to recognize Prisca Afantchao from Windsor High School, Aisha Haidara from Simsbury High School and Nia Long from the Metropolitan Learning Center.


Prisca Afantchao                                           

Aisha Haidara               


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