Women’s Sub Commission

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“Look Beneath the Surface to End Trafficking” Video & Human Trafficking Police Reporting Form


The Women’s Sub commission focuses its efforts on issues affecting constituencies of underrepresented and underserved Women by improving and promoting the economic development, education, health and political well-being of women in the community. Through best practices models and partnerships with local, state and national organizations, using a cross-cultural lens to inform public policy and involve traditionally underserved women in the legislative process to unite women in the policy arena. The sub commission must advise on policies affecting the constituencies.

Women Priority Areas:

  • Enhance women’s economic security through leadership development and such family-friendly workplace policies as paid family leave and pay equity;
  • Ensure wellness throughout the lifespan, including access to the full range of reproductive healthcare; and
  • Eliminate gender-based discrimination in the workplace and in government.

Look Beneath the Surface campaign

National Human Trafficking Hotline Poster

The HHS Look Beneath the Surface campaign works with grantees and partners to raise awareness of human trafficking and the factors that make certain populations more at risk. The campaign empowers health care providers and faith-based and community organizations to help identify individuals who may be experiencing trafficking and connect them with services by calling the National Human Trafficking Hotlinevisit disclaimer page at 888-373-7888.


Human Trafficking Police Reporting

Pursuant to Public Act 16-71 each state’s attorney and each municipal chief of police are annually required to report by October 1st of each year to the Commission and the Trafficking in Person’s Council. Data and information provided shall be pursuant to the mentioned section should be for the twelve-month period of the year.  Click here Human Trafficking Police Reporting Form to complete and submit your information.

We would like to thank you for the work that you do every day to combat the scourge of human trafficking.


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