2018 Issues Conference: public schools of choice research guide

 2018 Issues Conference 

Choice and Consequences:

Public Schools of Choice in Connecticut

research guide

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 Recent acts affecting education 

2018 Acts Affecting Education (OLR Report 2018-R-0143)

2017 Acts Affecting Education (OLR Report 2017-R-0138)

2016 Acts Affecting Education (OLR Report 2016-R-0128)

 Education Cost Sharing (ECS) formula 

 Public schools of choice 

Comparison of Charter, Magnet, Agricultural Science Centers, and Technical High Schools (OLR Report 2018-R-0030)

Hartford region public school choice programs – by the Office of Program Review and Investigations, 2016

National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) guide to school choice and charters and guide to school finance


Vocational-agricultural centers (regional agricultural science and technology education centers)

CGS 10-64 to 10-66

State Dept. of Education’s Agricultural Science and Technology Education homepage


Technical high schools (technical education and career schools)

CGS 10-95 to 10-99g

Connecticut Technical High School System (OLR Report 2017-R-0070)

Connecticut Technical Education and Career System (CTECS) homepage

*Connecticut Technical High School System (CTHSS) reports:

            – school budgetsbudgets and expendituresexpenditures annual reports

            – biennial summary reportbiennial summary report

            – strategic plan annual reportstrategic plan annual report


Magnet schools

CGS 10-264h to 10-264q

Connecticut Dept. of Education – Bureau of Choice Programs homepage

Comprehensive statewide interdistrict magnet school plan – by the state Dept. of Education, 2016


Charter schools

CGS 10-66aa to 10-66uu

Operation of charter schools in Connecticut – biennial report by the state Dept. of Education


Early childhood education

Office of Early Childhood Care 4 Kids subsidy program

 Historical sources 

Education Cost Sharing Grants (joint OLR/OFA report; includes table of town-by-town grant entitlements for fiscal years 2006 through 2016) (2016-R-0167)

OLR Backgrounder: State Funding for Interdistrict Magnet Schools (OLR Report 2010-R-0399)

Evaluation of Connecticut’s Interdistrict Magnet Schools – by the Center for Education Policy Analysis at the University of Connecticut, 2009

Origin of Charter Schools Nationally and in Connecticut (OLR Report 99-R-0215)

School Choice Background (OLR Report 95-R-1467)

*Agriculture Education in ConnecticutAgriculture Education in Connecticut – by the state Dept. of Education, 1992

*Connecticut Task Force on Charter Schools reportConnecticut Task Force on Charter Schools report, 1992

*School Choice: Panacea, Threat, or Catalyst for Improved Education?School Choice: Panacea, Threat, or Catalyst for Improved Education? (OLR Report 92-R-0990)

Public Act 93-263 – started magnet schools

Public Act 96-214 – started charter schools

+1955 Public Act 556 – funded regional vocational agricultural centers

+1933 Chapter 317 – implemented vocational agricultural training


*These sources are accessible in full text through the Legislative Library intranet catalog, or by contacting the library.

+These sources are accessible by contacting the library.