2018 Issues Conference: federal tax reform research guide

 2018 Issues Conference 

Connecticut’s Response to

Federal Tax Reform and Wayfair

research guide

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 OLR Reports 

 Court cases 

SALT complaint (New York et al. v. Mnuchin et al.)

Wayfair docket (South Dakota v. Wayfair et al.)

 Resources on specific topics: Wayfair, federal tax reform, and SALT 


State actions concerning “Wayfair” decision (AL, CO, DC) – KPMG, Oct. 2018

Online sales tax rule dead, but afterlife murky – Bloomberg BNA, June 2018

Post-Wayfair options for states – Tax Foundation, August 2018; updated Nov. 2018

Quarterly retail e-commerce sales 3rd quarter 2018 – U.S. Census Bureau, Nov. 2018

Supreme Court abandons physical presence standard in Wayfair – Accounting Today, June 2018

Wayfair, Overstock urge high court to deny digital tax case – Bloomberg BNA, Dec. 2017


Federal tax reform

A hybrid approach: the treatment of foreign profits under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Tax Foundation, May 2018

Preliminary report on the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – NY State Dept. of Taxation and Finance, Jan. 2018

Relationships between federal and state income taxes; submitted to President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform – Harley T. Duncan, Federation of Tax Administrators, April 2005

Tax Reform 2017-2018: your guide to federal tax reform – Tax Foundation

Tax reform 2.0: the Ways and Means tax proposals – Congressional Research Service, Oct. 2018

Treasury, IRS issue proposed regulations on charitable contributions and state and local tax credits – Internal Revenue Service, Aug. 2018

GILTI pleasures: the IRS releases proposed regulations on global intangible low-taxed income – Mayer Brown, Sept. 2018

Updated details and analysis of the 2017 House Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Tax Foundation, Nov. 2017


State and local tax (SALT) deduction

A deep dive into the SALT implications of federal tax reform – Andrew Appleby, Karl Frieden, and David Pope, presentation at the 2017 New England State and Local Tax Forum

All SALT: state reactions to tax reform, Wayfair, and upcoming ballot initiatives (webinar) – KPMG, Oct. 2018

Don’t forget the SALT: state and local tax implications of federal tax reform – KPMG, 2018

Gov. Malloy, AG Jepsen: Connecticut joins lawsuit to protect state taxpayers from drastic cut in state and local tax deduction (press release) – July 2018

The impact of eliminating the state and local tax deduction – Government Finance Officers Association

 State Tax Notes articles 

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A Wayfair whirlwind of stakeholder considerations – Part 1 – Oct. 2018

Face the cloud: how Wayfair could affect the IT industry – Oct. 2018

News analysis: could the IRS identify SALT workarounds as listed transactions? – Oct. 2018

No standing to sue over SALT cap, the Department of Justice argues – Nov. 2018

State involvement in federal tax policy, part 2: SALT and donors – Sept. 2018

Implications of the Supreme Court’s historic decision in Wayfair – July 2018

Sales taxes in a post-Wayfair, post-Kennedy world – July 2018

States should act with care following Wayfair – June 2018

South Dakota v. Wayfair: the fallout – Nov. 2018

State enacts marketplace legislation – June 2018

State, Wayfair litigants enter into settlement – Nov. 2018

Wayfair decision may spur Congress to act on remote sales tax legislation – July 2018

Tax reform: what the international provisions mean to the states – Feb. 2018

 Other reports 

Connecticut tax developments: 2018: a year of reaction rather than proaction – Shipman & Goodwin, Nov. 2018

State sales and use tax gapState sales and use tax gap – Dept. of Revenue Services, Feb. 2017


 National Conference of State Legislatures 

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