2020 Issues Conference: Recent Changes to Police Practices related documents


OLR Reports

  • 2020-R-0272, Use of Deadly Force by Law Enforcement Officers
  • 2020-R-0316, Police Officers in Connecticut Statistics (2010-2019)
  • 2020-R-0173, OLR Backgrounder: Body Cameras, Dashboard Cameras, and Other Police Recording Equipment
  • 2020-R-0301, Issue Brief: Police Recording Equipment
  • 2012-R-0112, History of State Police Staffing Statute
  • 2008-R-0670, Agencies and People with Police Powers


Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) – State Police


Police Officer Standards and Training Council (POST)


Connecticut Attorney General’s Office

  • Opinion No. 93-28 – regarding “several matters pertaining to the extent of the authority of the Municipal Police Training Council (MPTC) to impose mandatory training requirements upon those persons empowered by statute to act in the capacity of a police officer.”

Annual reports on crime and police employee statistics


Police Transparency and Accountability Task Force


Task Force to Study the Training Curriculum and Education of Police Officers in the State of Connecticut


Law Enforcement Certification and Discipline – National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), Aug. 17, 2020