Executive and Legislative Nominations research guide

Executive and Legislative Nominations
research guide

The Office of Legislative Research published a report in June 2018 on the history of the Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee (2018-R-0112).


For a detailed summary of appointment provisions and procedures, see OLR Report 2024-R-0021.


OLR prepares for the Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee questions to ask of the nominees who appear before it. These questions are published as OLR Reports. Recent such OLR Reports include the following.

Questions for nominee(s) for ...OLR Report #
Auditor of Public Accounts2024-R-0076
Board of Regents for Higher Education2024-R-0054
Child Advocate2021-R-0043
Claims Commissioner2021-R-0069
Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities2024-R-0052
Connecticut Airport Authority Board of Directors2022-R-0075
Connecticut Commuter Rail Council2022-R-0040
Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority2017-R-0028
Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Commission2018-R-0099
Consumer Counsel2022-R-0048
Criminal Justice Commission2019-R-0102
Department of Administrative Services Commissioner2023-R-0032
Department of Agriculture Commissioner2023-R-0038
Department of Banking Commissioner2023-R-0066
Department of Children and Families Commissioner2024-R-0047
Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner2019-R-0064
Department of Consumer Protection Deputy Commissioner2024-R-0053
Department of Correction Commissioner2023-R-0072
Department of Developmental Services Commissioner2023-R-0045
Department of Developmental Services Ombudsperson2022-R-0052
Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner2024-R-0035
Department of Education Commissioner2023-R-0064
Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner2024-R-0056
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner2023-R-0035
Department of Housing Commissioner2023-R-0042
Insurance Department Commissioner2023-R-0046
Department of Labor Commissioner2023-R-0049
Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Commissioner2023-R-0048
Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner2023-R-0053
Department of Public Health Commissioner2023-R-0061
Department of Rehabilitation Services Commissioner2019-R-0051
Department of Revenue Services Commissioner2023-R-0050
Department of Social Services Commissioner2023-R-0071
Department of Transportation Commissioner2023-R-0040
Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner2023-R-0079
Education Arbitration Board, neutral members2022-R-0067
Education Arbitration Board, non-neutral members2021-R-0064
Freedom of Information Commission2024-R-0064
Healthcare Advocate2021-R-0089
Human Rights Referee2024-R-0065
Judicial Review Council2024-R-0057
Legislative Commissioner2021-R-0099
Lottery Corporation Board Chairperson2018-R-0065
Lottery Corporation Board of Directors2022-R-0064
Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority Board of Directors2022-R-0036
Milk Regulation Board2024-R-0063
New England Board of Higher Education2021-R-0065
Office of Early Childhood Commissioner2023-R-0044
Office of Health Strategy Executive Director2023-R-0069
Office of Higher Education Executive Director2023-R-0047
Office of Military Affairs Executive Director2019-R-0077
Office of Policy and Management Secretary2023-R-0034
Port Authority Board of Directors2022-R-0039
Psychiatric Security Review Board2024-R-0058
Public Utilities Regulatory Authority2021-R-0088
State Board of Education2024-R-0069
State Board of Education, student nominees2024-R-0068
State Elections Enforcement Commission2024-R-0072
University of Connecticut Board of Trustees2022-R-0083
Workers' Compensation Commission Advisory Board2022-R-0072
Department of Aging and Disability Services Commissioner2023-R-0036
Chief Workforce Officer2023-R-0067
Board of Labor Relations2024-R-0071
Department of Correction Ombuds2024-R-0066
State Education Resource Center Board of Directors2024-R-0067