The Connecticut Freedom Trail, a collection of over 160 sites across the state that link to the struggle toward freedom, will offer free Historical Interpreter Trainings to managers of locations on the trail.

CT Freedom Trail Outreach Director Tammy Denease, a certified National Association of Interpretation Guide, will offer two hours of Basic Interpretive Training for both paid and unpaid site interpreters at any site that submits a request.

Using conversation and site-specific examples, Tammy will teach participants the basic skills that will help them connect their organization’s stories to visitors’ lives, which will in turn make visitors’ time at the sites more meaningful and memorable. Trainees will learn what historical interpretation is and how it raises the bar for tours by engaging visitors in deeper learning. Tammy will also help the group think about visitors in new ways and provide the tools needed to engage people with varied interests and learning styles.

Participants reported, “Tammy was excellent –  encouraging and full of helpful advice. It was a quick two hours, and I’d have been happy to go longer.”

Staff at Connecticut’s Freedom Trail sites can register with Tammy for a Zoom or in-person training beginning in September, on any Monday between the hours of 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. Sites can combine their training with another site, and if more time is desired, sites are welcome to hire Tammy as a consultant for a more intensive 3 or 5 day training.

For more information, please contact Tammy Denease.