Connecticut’s Kid Governor®, the national award-winning civics program that immerses 5th grade students in an authentic statewide election, has opened class registration for the 2022-23 school year. Educators teaching 5th grade next year are invited to register for the free program now through November 4. Participating classrooms will receive a robust Toolkit of free civics materials including lesson plans, activities and worksheets, interactive Bitmoji classrooms, videos recorded by state officials, and more. 

The Connecticut Democracy Center at Connecticut’s Old State House created the Kid Governor® program in 2015 to teach 5th-graders about state government, elections and the importance of civic engagement. This free program provides extensive support for participating educators, including a five-part instructional webinar series, connections to Connecticut’s Social Studies Frameworks and Common Core State Standards, a resource library of recommended civics books, and Voting Kits including ballots, “I Voted for Kid Governor” stickers, balloons, and more for the first classes to register.  

During the election season in the fall, 5th grade classes across the state may choose to nominate a candidate for Kid Governor, or to participate as a voting-only class.  Students who run for Kid Governor will create three-point platforms and record campaign videos to address issues they feel are important. Schools will run primary elections to select nominees, and each school’s winner will advance to a final round where a committee of civics experts will choose seven final candidates for the exciting 2023 Statewide Election.  One student will be elected by their 5th grade peers to serve a one-year term as 2023 Kid Governor, while the remaining six finalists will serve as members of the Kid Governor’s Cabinet. All seven newly-elected officials will meet regularly throughout 2023 to advise the Kid Governor, collaborate with each other as they accomplish their own three-point platforms, and meet with government officials about their platforms.

This unique program provides the vital immersive element that stimulates student interest and engagement. Combining hands-on engagement and compelling stakes, the Kid Governor® program brings civics education to life in the classroom.