Lesson Plans & Additional Resources


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International  United Nations Charter  The Covenant of the League of Nations  The North Atlantic Treaty 
National  United States Constitution + Amendments  Declaration of Independence   Articles of Confederation 
State  Connecticut Current Constitution  Connecticut’s 1818 Constitution  The Fundamental Orders of 1639 
Municipal/Local  East Hartford Town Charter  New Haven Town Charter  Stamford Town Charter 
Native American Tribes  Potawatomi Nation Constitution   Mohegan Nation Constitution  Yavapai-Apache Nation 
Other Countries  India Declaration of Independence  Mexican Declaration of Independence  Magna Carta 


Teacher Materials: 

Bill of Rights teaching plan (Constitution Center) 

How to teach primary sources (Library of Congress) 

Primary source analysis sheet (Library of Congress) 

Written document analysis sheet (National Archives)  

10 ways to use primary sources in classroom (Digital Public Library of America) 

Materials to teach primary sources (George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum) 

Accessible video: Our Founding Documents (Described and Captioned Media Program-free registration required) 

The Founding Documents: Building a More Perfect Union for Elementary Students (Free live, interactive program from the National Archive’s Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration) 


My Election, My Vote 

Secretary of the State of Connecticut 

‘My Election, My Vote’ lessons engage today’s youth to take an active role in their citizenship and empower them to better understand the government and civic society in which they live. The lessons and student activities align with the Connecticut Social Studies Framework, the C3 Framework (College, Career, and Civic Life), the International Literacy Association for Reading Professionals and Literacy Coaches, and the National Council for Teachers of English policy briefs on digital and new literacies. 


Connecticut Humanities 

The goal of TeachIt is to bring Connecticut history into the classrooms through inquiry-based activities that allow students from elementary school to high school to apply disciplinary concepts, evaluate evidence, and draw informed conclusions. 


Civics For All 

Seattle School District 

Civics For All offers a curriculum designed to facilitate civics lessons into any existing or new lesson for students at any age level. 


Connecticut Historical Society 

State of Connecticut 

The Connecticut History Society has developed educational programs that are inquiry-based to help students develop skills in observation, evidence-based reasoning, and critical thinking. They provide museum tours and outreach programs. 


Connecticut Public Libraries 

State of Connecticut 

Connecticut’s Public Libraries provide great resources for students to learn more about Connecticut history and civic engagement. The libraries frequently host events that educate students on a variety of topics and give students access to books, magazines, and other materials needed to succeed. 


Museum of Connecticut History 

Connecticut State Library 

The focus of the museum is on educating citizens and displaying objects focused on Connecticut’s political, industrial, and military history. Each year over 20,000 students visit the exhibits to learn about the role Connecticut has played in the development of America from the colonial era to present. 

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