Yoga In Our City

Yoga In Our City

Building stronger, more compassionate communities with a deep understanding of the natural connections between yoga philosophy and social justice.

Yoga In Our City began in Hartford, Connecticut as a program of Civic Mind, a social enterprise specializing in community development. It has since evolved from a humble weekly class to a statewide collaboration of mission-driven partners and supporters.

ConnectiCare has provided the professional support and funding to strengthen the quality of the program. ConnectiCare’s partnership led to the expansion into new cities and created the foundation for future partnerships.

When Covid-19 struck, ConnectiCare reaffirmed their commitment by supporting the creation of a new Virtual Studio.

Yoga In Our City’s future shines bright because of the continued support of partners, teachers and participants sharing a vision of building happier, healthier communities through compassion, gratitude and mindfulness.

Classes are free and open to residents of all ages, backgrounds and skill-levels, and registration is not required. Participants are encouraged to bring a bottle of water, a towel, and a yoga mat to each class.

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