LGBTQ+ Justice & Opportunity Network

LGBTQ+ Justice & Opportunity Network


The LGBTQ+ Justice & Opportunity Network was founded by the Connecticut Legislature in 2017. Administered through the Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity & Opportunity (CWCSEO) as well as the Judicial Branch, the Network works to provide grant funding to LGBTQ+ non-profit, healthcare, and activist organizations across the state. The Network also collaborates with local affinity groups and advocates to advise the Connecticut Legislature regarding LGBTQ+ needs, issues, and concerns. Please contact with any questions.

The LGBTQ+ Justice & Opportunity Network’s logo was designed by Connecticut-based graphic designer Chris Siharath. His work can be viewed at the following website:

Download the LGBTQ+ Justice and Opportunity Network logo here.

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Board Members

Barry Walters
Director of External Communications and Policy, APNH
David Grant
Executive Director of The Health Collective
John Merz
CEO, Advancing Connecticut Together
Robin McHaelen
Founder and Former Executive Director of True Colors, Inc.