Social Emotional Learning

Supporting our Students, Families and Educators through
Social and Emotional Learning

The Connecticut Social and Emotional
Learning and School Climate Collaborative presents the following facts in support
of social and emotional learning.

The Connecticut School Climate Policy was recently adopted by Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) the Social Emotional Learning and School Climate Advisory Collaborative and was verified by Shipman and Goodwin. This policy also contains the Connecticut School Climate Standards which present a framework for school climate improvement.

The Challenging behavior reporting form that local and regional boards of education may adapt and adopt. This form is a three-step process. 1) challenging behavior reporting form; 2) investigation form; 3) response process(es) notification form. The challenging behavior reporting form is for students, parents or guardians of students enrolled in the school, and school employees to report any alleged challenging behavior incidents. The investigation form is to provide a streamlined process for investigating reported instances of challenging behavior and is to be completed by the school climate specialist. Lastly, the response process(es) notification form is to provide a template for transparency and accountability to a person(s) that submit(s) a report of challenging behavior.