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As Connecticut’s state auditors, we provide independent, unbiased and objective opinions and recommendations on the operations of state government and the protection against waste, fraud, and abuse.

Our office does much more than accounting. Our auditors serve as the legislature’s eyes and ears in state and quasi-public agencies. They determine whether the agencies are following laws, regulations, internal policies or prudent business practices; whether they are following federal requirements on major federal programs through our work on the Statewide Single Audit; and whether state programs or systems are operating efficiently and effectively through our performance audits and program reviews. Our office also receives and reviews whistleblower complaints from state employees and the public to detect and prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.

The Auditors of Public Accounts (APA) is a legislative agency of the State of Connecticut with the primary mission to audit state agencies. The office is under the direction of two state auditors appointed by the state legislature. Our professional staff of just over one hundred includes many certified public accountants (CPA), certified information system auditors (CISA), certified internal auditors (CIA), and certified fraud examiners (CFE).

As the state’s important fiscal watchdogs, the Auditors of Public Accounts serves the legislature, the public and the media to inform them of areas of concern in state government. It is our goal to make government work better and protect taxpayers from waste, fraud, and abuse.

We hope that you find the information useful and informative, and welcome any comments as we always strive to better communicate the wonderful work our auditors do.


sortorderTitleIssuedTypeFiscal YearsReport Link
20191021 Connecticut State University System Office 10/21/2019 Audit 2016,2017,2018 pdf
20191009 Agriculture, Department of 10/09/2019 Audit 2014,2015 pdf
20191008 Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities, Office of 10/08/2019 Audit 2016,2017 pdf
20191004 Department of Motor Vehicles Connecticut Integrated Vehicle and Licensing System (CIVLS) Information Technology Security Audit as of October 2017 10/04/2019 Special Audit pdf
20191003 Charter Oak State College 10/03/2019 Audit 2015,2016 pdf
20190919 Connecticut Housing Finance Authority 09/19/2019 Audit 2016,2017 pdf
20190904 Connecticut State Library 09/04/2019 Audit 2014,2015 pdf
20190829 Judicial Department 08/29/2019 Audit 2015,2016 pdf



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Our Auditors Report of the CT State University system office for fiscal years 16-17-18... https://t.co/p788yhFEHN

CTCapitolPolice ceremony honoring Officers Diaz and Zaniewski as well as citizen Doug Frost who stepped in to save one of our auditors who had a medical emergency #trueheros #AED #CTStateAuditors

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Our Audit Report of the Department of Agriculture for FY 14-15... https://t.co/Yxw1XgKwjc

Our Auditors Report of the Office of Protection & Advocacy for FY16-17... https://t.co/nAmIaiZ3uh

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