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As Connecticut’s state auditors, we provide independent, unbiased and objective opinions and recommendations on the operations of state government and the protection against waste, fraud, and abuse.

Our office does much more than accounting. Our auditors serve as the legislature’s eyes and ears in state and quasi-public agencies. They determine whether the agencies are following laws, regulations, internal policies or prudent business practices; whether they are following federal requirements on major federal programs through our work on the Statewide Single Audit; and whether state programs or systems are operating efficiently and effectively through our performance audits and program reviews. Our office also receives and reviews whistleblower complaints from state employees and the public to detect and prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.

The Auditors of Public Accounts (APA) is a legislative agency of the State of Connecticut with the primary mission to audit state agencies. The office is under the direction of two state auditors appointed by the state legislature. Our professional staff of just over one hundred includes many certified public accountants (CPA), certified information system auditors (CISA), certified internal auditors (CIA), and certified fraud examiners (CFE).

As the state’s important fiscal watchdogs, the Auditors of Public Accounts serves the legislature, the public and the media to inform them of areas of concern in state government. It is our goal to make government work better and protect taxpayers from waste, fraud, and abuse.

We hope that you find the information useful and informative, and welcome any comments as we always strive to better communicate the wonderful work our auditors do.


sortorder Title Issued Type Fiscal Years Report Link
20211230 Treasurer - State Financial Operations 12/30/2021 Audit 2021 pdf
20211222 Southern Connecticut State University 12/22/2021 Audit 2019,2020 pdf
20211209 Connecticut State Library 12/09/2021 Audit 2019,2020 pdf
20211201 The Department of Motor Vehicles Background Check Process for Student Transportation Employees 12/01/2021 Performance Audit pdf
20211117 Education, Department of 11/17/2021 Audit 2018,2019,2020 pdf
20211116 Aging and Disability Services, Department of 11/16/2021 Audit 2019,2020 pdf
20211109 Criminal Justice, Division of 11/09/2021 Audit 2019,2020 pdf
20211108 Judicial Branch 11/08/2021 Audit 2019,2020 pdf


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Audit finds lax oversight at state education department, says former Danielson principal was using state email and property for personal matters

Officials Blame Short Staffing for Lapses in Audit of the Department of Public Health

Oversight of Assisted Living Puts Patients at Risk, Says Audit

Dept. of Correction employees were paid $2.3 million while on union business leave

Audit: Reports not filed and lax oversight of overtime, paid leave at DOC

State Auditors Release a Scathing Report on the State Department of Correction

Audit raises concerns about investigations of elder abuse in Ct

Auditors find ethics violation at state university over hiring of student photographer

Auditors: Non-Emergency Transportation Provider Makes Improvements

Auditors: UConn’s downtown Hartford campus exceeded original budget by $30M

Auditors: UConn Hartford campus construction cost $30M more than budgeted

Audit shows improper loan forgiveness, excessive tax credits by DECD

Auditors: CT digital animation studio received excess tax credits

CT auditor claims animation company Blue Sky Studios received $49 million in excessive tax credits

Report: Animation company got $49M in excessive tax credits

Audit finds Lax Oversight of Public Campaign Financing

Department of Developmental Services paid $1.5 million for client living in Massachusetts

Measuring success for business incentive programs isn’t easy or clear, according to audit

State Audit Finds DOH Paid ‘Unreasonable and Excessive’ Fees to Fund Discontinued Program

State Auditor: Conn. Human Rights Office Under Resourced

Auditors: Board of Regents underfunded colleges by $7 million and gave out employee bonuses, furlough compensation instead

Auditors: Tunxis Community College reimbursed $82K in travel expenses, including pricey stay on Las Vegas strip, in violation of state policies

State police overtime on the rise, audit says; costs are a result of staffing shortage

Audit Recommends State Police Reduce Overtime, Focus on Recruitment





Our Audit Report on the Office of the State Treasurer - Internal Control Over Financial Reporting and on Compliance and Other Matters Based on an Audit of Financial Statements Performed in Accordance with Government Auditing Standards for FY 21 - https://wp.cga.ct.gov/apa/wp-content/cgacustom/reports/Treasurer%20-%20State%20Financial%20Operations_20211230_FY2021.pdf

Our Audit Report on the Southern Connecticut State University for the FYs 19-20 https://wp.cga.ct.gov/apa/wp-content/cgacustom/reports/Southern%20Connecticut%20State%20University_20211222_FY2019,2020.pdf

Our Audit Report on the Connecticut State Library for FYs 19 -20 https://wp.cga.ct.gov/apa/wp-content/cgacustom/reports/Connecticut%20State%20Library_20211209_FY2019,2020.pdf

Our Follow-up Report to the Department of Motor Vehicles Background Check Process for Student Transportation Employees Performance Audit - https://wp.cga.ct.gov/apa/wp-content/cgacustom/reports/performance/PERFORMANCE_The%20Department%20of%20Motor%20Vehicles%20Background%20Check%20Process%20for%20Student%20Transportation%20Employees_20211201.pdf

Our Audit Report on the State Department of Education for FYs 18 - 20 https://wp.cga.ct.gov/apa/wp-content/cgacustom/reports/Education,%20Department%20of_20211117_FY2018,2019,2020.pdf

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