New APA Report Format – 07/12/2023

New APA Report Format

APA continues to modernize the look and feel of every aspect of our work. This includes improving how we present our work product to better reach target audiences. We created audit summary reports as a first step in 2022. We are now issuing our reports in a revised format.

We designed this format to make our findings and recommendations easier to access and comprehend. We also focused on improving readability, structure, and organization.

Noteworthy changes include:

    • Placing the findings, recommendations, and a formal introduction at the beginning of the report, moving more technical aspects towards the back

    • Removing the executive summary, since it was replaced with our audit summaries

    • Removing the redundant current audit recommendations section

    • Combining the Foreword and Resume of Operations into a new About the Agency section and moving this new section to the back of the report

The first report issued in this format was the Freedom of Information Commission for the fiscal years ended June 30, 2020 and 2021

We look forward to making more improvements to the look of our reports.