Internship program

Are you a student interested in the auditing profession?

The State of Connecticut Auditors of Public Accounts operates a paid internship program where you can get some real-world auditing experience.

We bring in new interns at various times throughout the year. Our interview process generally begins in March and October, when we hire interns for either three or six month work assignments.

As an intern, you’ll have a mentor who will show you the ropes as you learn about and participate in a variety of auditing work in a government setting.

You’ll be assigned to one of our auditing groups that is performing an audit on a State of Connecticut agency like the Department of Transportation, The Office of the Secretary of the State, or the Connecticut Lottery Corporation (just to name a few),

Here’s what some of our past interns have said:

“My time with the APA gave me new interest in the auditing profession. Being able to do some hands-on work is way more interesting than what I have been learning in the classroom.”

“I very much enjoyed the vibe of working in a government office. I did an accounting internship at a big corporation and the work was way more stressful and overwhelming. The APA stresses a heathy work-life balance and it was easier for me to attend classes and have some down time to do the things I enjoy.”

Some of the benefits of an internship with the APA include:

  • Audit experience you get paid to do
  • Work experience that will apply towards your CPA license
  • Flexible work hours
  • Solid mentorship program that fosters your success; we want to help you learn, and not just do grunt work!

Sound interesting?

Send  your resume and a cover letter to In order to be considered, you must be an accounting (or related) major who will have earned at least 18 accounting credits upon graduation.