Audit Trainee

Audit Trainee

Anyone interested in applying for the legislative audit trainee position with the Auditors of Public Accounts must send a résumé, cover letter detailing how you meet the minimum requirements, and three references by email to

If mail is necessary, to: Auditor of Public Accounts, State Capitol, 210 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106 Attn: APA Trainee.

After the receipt of an applicant’s résumé, the Auditors of Public Accounts holds it until the next interview process for full-time employment begins or 12 months, whichever comes first.

When the hiring process has been authorized, the qualifying applicant is notified of the opportunity to interview. The process typically involves two interviews, with the second interview held at the State Capitol with the two state auditors.

The successful candidate will join the APA team and enjoy a challenging career in auditing. New employees hired as legislative audit trainees are provided with on-the-job training so they can familiarize themselves with audit policies and procedures. After successful completion of a 12-month working test period, a legislative audit trainee is eligible to be considered for a promotion to the position of Auditor I.

The Auditors of Public Accounts has a mentoring program to assist new employees in acclimating to their responsibilities and surroundings. The mentoring program is designed to complement the initial training program and the on-the-job training opportunities that new employees encounter with their supervisor and audit team. As new employees begin their initial assignments and experience a typical work week, they often have questions. Mentors are a ready resource to answer those questions, whether about workplace culture, life in Hartford, or general state government and politics.

In addition to gaining valuable auditing experience, our auditors earn year-for-year experience towards certification as a certified public accountant (CPA). The Auditors of Public Accounts encourages employees to sit for the CPA exam and reimburses up to $2,500 towards a review course.

The Auditors of Public Accounts also offers an excellent benefits package which includes a retirement plan, health plan, deferred compensation plan, vacation and sick leave, and educational assistance towards a related advanced degree.


Legislative Pay Plan – Professional Level 1:

Annual Starting Salary – $54,597

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s or higher degree from an accredited college or university; major in accounting or at least 18 semester hours credit in accounting and auditing courses; and attainment of at least a 3.0 grade point average in all accounting and auditing courses. The grade point average requirement may be waived with outstanding performance as an intern in our office.

Examples of Duties

Under the direction of a supervising auditor, the legislative audit trainee assists in the execution of an audit plan for conducting a financial, compliance, or performance audit of state agencies or programs, quasi-public agencies, or state-supported institutions in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards; assists in the documenting and testing of audited agency’s internal control system and reviewing compliance with state or federal laws and regulations; assists in the review of financial statements for conformance with generally accepted accounting principles; does related work as required.

Target Class

Auditor I (Starting salary $60,928)
Entry to Target Class:
Upon successful completion of a 12-month working test period.

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