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A Republic, If We Can Keep It: Civil Discourse in Our Classrooms and Communities

Saturday, November 18th
9:00 am-12:30 pm

Connecticut’s Old State House
800 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06106

In this workshop for Social Studies Educators, nationally recognized educator and author Joe Schmidt will share research-based best practices for civil discourse and student engagement around relevant topics in Connecticut history.

Are you equipped to engage in discourse around relevant topics of the day, even those that some consider contentious? Can you identify the skills and strategies necessary for people to disagree while avoiding the urge to be disagreeable?

Join Joe Schmidt, author of Civil Discourse: Classroom Conversations for Stronger Communities as he shares research-based best practices and years of classroom and supervisor experience in laying out a “how to” guide that supports civil discourse and student engagement in the classroom.

Educators need to start planning for civil discourse before the first student enters their classroom in the fall and work to align these conversations to relevant topics and skills throughout the year in preparation of the toughest topics that students will face.

Ticket are $20 per person and include light refreshments and a copy of Joe’s book Civil Discourse: Classroom Conversations for Stronger Communities!

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Learn more about the author: Joe Schmidt Social Studies LLC