School programs at Connecticut’s Old State House awaken civic engagement and awareness by providing authentic, educational, and participatory experiences for students. Our in-person and virtual programs tie closely to the Connecticut Core Standards and Social Studies Frameworks and were developed with students (and teachers!) in mind, and will engage your students whether they are learning here at Connecticut’s Old State House or virtually from your classroom!

For virtual programs, we will provide a link to a Zoom meeting room. If you are using a different platform, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate!


Connecticut’s Three Branches of Government
Virtual or at Connecticut’s Old State House
Grades 3-8

Students engage in an interactive election, legislative session and court trial to learn about the three branches of state government! Grades 3-5 will focus on the historic Dog Law of 1798 and legislation concerning pets today. Grades 6-8 will focus on 16- and 17-year-old voting rights.

Virtual program length: 60 minutes
In-person program length: 90 minutes

The History and Future of Voting Rights in Connecticut
Virtual or at Connecticut’s Old State House
Grades 9-12

Students will explore the enfranchisement and disenfranchisement of Connecticut citizens over time and observe how the results of a single election could have changed as voting rights changed. Students will discuss their own opinions on whether or not 16- and 17-year-olds should have the right to vote.

Virtual program length: 75 minutes
In-person program length: 90 minutes

History Is All Around Us
Only at Connecticut’s Old State House
Grades K-12

Visit this multi-sensory, multi-media exhibit that follows over 400 years of Hartford’s history. Highlights include a 1912 Fire Engine and Mark Twain’s bicycle! Design your own experience:

  • Search & Discover – Working in teams, students explore the exhibition using a fun and educational scavenger hunt.
  • Self-Guided – Students explore the exhibition at their own pace.
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In-person program length: 30 – 45 minutes

Connecticut’s Old State House Guided Tour
Only at Connecticut’s Old State House
Grades 3-12

Explore the Old State House through an interactive, question-based tour with a museum educator. Students examine the building’s use throughout its 225-year history and learn about the Amistad trials, Prudence Crandall, and other key stories from its past.

In-person program length: 60 minutes

FREE Program Add-On: Visit the State Capitol
Virtual or at the Connecticut State Capitol
Grades 3-12

Book a FREE tour of the State Capitol to complement your program with Connecticut’s Old State House! Capitol Information and Tours offers guided tours of the first floors of the Legislative Office Building and Capitol, and virtual tours of both buildings. Their tours enable students to draw connections between the historic chambers at the Old State House with those used by state government today. In-person and virtual tours of the Capitol last approximately one hour.

Contact Kim Fabrizio, Head of Capitol Information and Tours, at to book a tour of the Capitol. Our staff will coordinate with Kim to ensure a seamless experience with both sites!


Virtual Programs: $80* per class (up to 30 students).

In-Person Programs: $4 per student for one program, $1 per student for each additional program. One complimentary teacher/chaperone per 10 students, $5 per person for each additional teacher/chaperone. Indoor lunch space can be reserved for $25.

In-Person Programs for Home School Groups: $4 per student for one program, $1 per student for each additional program. Discounted rates for adults and non-participating children apply, contact us for detailed pricing.

* Program fees apply to student groups of 10 or more.  Groups of fewer than 10 students will be charged a flat fee of $40 for one program, or $50 for two programs.


If you would like to inquire or request additional information about our school programs, please call (860) 240-5340 or email

CT Democracy Center Programs in Residence at Connecticut’s Old State House